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Please read through these conditions of use carefully.

These terms and conditions ('Terms of Use') are a binding legal agreement between you ('You' or 'Your') and Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd, a company with its registered office at The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0NY ('Daikin') concerning the use of domestic RHI Estimator and Payback Estimator software ('Estimator') and constitutes the complete agreement between Daikin and You. These Terms of Use shall supersede any other provisions, terms and conditions set forth by You, and the rights of the parties shall therefore be governed exclusively by the provisions, terms and conditions set forth herein. By using the Software, You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use. If You do not agree with these Terms of Use, You may not use the Software in any manner.

Daikin does not warrant that the Software will be error-free. This estimator is provided on an 'AS IS' basis, without warranty of any kind - either express or implied, including but not limited to warranty of title and against infringement or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose - is made in relation to the availability, accuracy, reliability or content of the Estimator.

This Estimator has inherent limitations including but not limited to design faults and programming bugs. The entire risk to the quality and performance of the Software is borne by You, and it is Your responsibility to ensure that it does what You require it to do prior to using it for any purpose (other than testing it). The Estimator is not designed as a selection-tool and does not replace a heat load calculation or heat pump selection. The Estimator cannot take into account all particular features of Your house. The comparative estimation generated by the Software will under no circumstance be considered as or replace a diagnosis made by a qualified adviser or an installer.

The Estimator does not guarantee that the system is eligible for dRHI not guarantees the dRHI income which is solely and finally managed by Ofgem. The Estimator gives no guarantee of energy savings or payback times which should always be done by a qualified adviser or installer.

Limited liability

When You use the Estimator You acknowledge and accept that You do so at Your sole risk. You agree that under no circumstances You shall have any claim against Daikin or associated companies whether as employee, subcontractor, agent, representative, consultant, installer or otherwise for loss, damages, harm, injury, expense, work stoppage, loss of business information, business interruption, computer failure or malfunction which may be suffered by You or any other party from any cause whatsoever, howsoever arising in connection with the use of the Estimator even where Daikin were aware or ought to have been aware of the potential of such loss. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Daikin shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, general, special, incidental, punitive and/or consequential arising out of the use or inability to use the Estimator.


You indemnify Daikin and affiliated companies and hold them harmless against any claims which may arise from any loss, damages, harm, injury, expense, work stoppage, loss of business information, business interruption, computer failure or malfunction which may be suffered by You or any other party whatsoever as a consequence of any act or omission of Daikin or affiliated companies, whether negligent or not, arising out of Your use of the Estimator or from any cause whatsoever, howsoever arising in connection with the Estimator.


Daikin reserves the right to modify from time to time these Terms of Use at Daikin's own discretion and without prior announcement. You are responsible for informing Yourself of the Terms of Use in force at the time of access and use of this Software. The provisions of these Terms of Use shall also apply to and bind Your legal successors, administrators, legal representatives, and Your permitted assignees.

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Heat Loss Estimate
RHI changes will introduce an annual heat demand limit applied to all application to the scheme following the new regulations coming into force expected later in 2017, payments will only be made up to 20,000 kWhrs (including Domestic Hot Water) and is reflected in the calculation below. Houses with annual heat demands above 20,000 kWhrs are not excluded from the scheme

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All new applicants to the RHI scheme from the 14th December 2016 will have the current 7.51p per kWh tariff applied until the proposed RHI changes are introduced, we expect this to happen later in 2017 due to the general election altering the implementation timeline. For the purpose of providing an estimate we have assumed the new tariff will apply from 2018. After this and for the reminder of the 7 year incentive the higher rate will apply. This is reflected in the estimates provided below.

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